Rebel is the name under which Ronald Welgemoed, front man of the Dutch Power pop Group Rotjoch, releases his solo projects. He's made three albums, the first one was "You're Already Listening" in 1989, the second was "The Morning Sun" in 2007 and now there is the new album "Look At The World". "Look At The World" is a download only album. The music on the album has a lot of reggae influences but you can also hear blues, rock and pop influences. All the instruments are played by Rebel and all the vocals are sung by Rebel. It's made with a mixture of digital and analogue instruments. When corona hit the world and all gigs were cancelled Rebel got the idea of using the freed up time to record a solo album in his own home studio. Over the years he had written a lot of reggae influenced songs and wanted to start a project with those songs but never had the time. And suddenly that time had arrived. He started recording those songs but because there were so many of them he had to make a choice and he chose the 12 songs that are now on the album. With the idea of using the rest of those songs at a later project. On the album are some old songs that he had played with bands as Rotjoch, Roots '86 and Outcry. The oldest song dated from 1981. But there are also some brandnew songs that weren't finished yet when he started recording. So he had to write the lyrics and make the arrangements. After finishing the recordings it took a long time of mixing before he was satisfied with the result. But here it is, "Look At The World" the new Rebel album.